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Industrial Ethernet

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Industrial Ethernet provides the industrial area with a powerful network that complies with the IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet) and 802.11 a/b/g/h/n (wireless LAN) standards.

The diverse options of Ethernet and the Internet that are already available today in the office sector can also be used in factory and process automation by means of Industrial Ethernet.
Ethernet technology, which has been used successfully for decades, allows users to precisely match network performance to requirements. The user can choose the data throughput rate to suit particular needs, as integrated compatibility makes it possible to introduce this technology in stages.

Ethernet is the world's current Number 1 in the network environment and offers significant benefits:

  • Fast commissioning thanks to the simplest connection method
  • High availability since existing networks can be extended without any adverse effects
  • Virtually unlimited communication capabilities, since scalable performance using switching technology and high data rates are available
  • Networking of the most varied application areas such as the office and production areas
  • Company-wide communication thanks to the Internet connection option, with security components providing for data integrity
  • Investment protection through continuous compatible further development
  • Precise time-based assignment of events in the overall plant by means of plant-wide clock control.

SIMATIC NET, the industrial communication system from Siemens, relies on this proven technology. Siemens has already supplied several million connections worldwide in tough industrial environments subject to electromagnetic interference.

SIMATIC NET provides important supplements to Ethernet technology for industrial environments:

  • Network components of the SCALANCE product families for the use of wired and wireless communication in harsh industrial environments
  • Fast on-site assembly using the FastConnect cabling system
  • Failsafe networks through high-speed redundancy and redundant power supply
  • Continuous monitoring of network components through an effective signaling concept, and network monitoring software

The following communication functions/services are offered by Industrial Ethernet:

PG/OP communication

Comprises integrated communication functions which allow data communication via SIMATIC, SIMOTION and SINUMERIK automation systems with every HMI device and SIMATIC PG (STEP 7). PG/OP communication is supported by PROFINET/Industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS.

S7 communication

S7 communication is the integrated communication function (system function block) for S7-400 or loadable function blocks for S7-300, which have been optimized within SIMOTION, SINUMERIK and SIMATIC S7/WinAC. It also enables PCs/IPCs and workstations to be connected. The maximum volume of user data per task is 64 KB.
S7 communication offers simple, powerful communication services and provides a network-independent software interface.

Open communication

The open communication (SEND/RECEIVE) allows the SIMATIC S7 controllers to communicate with other SIMATIC S7 and SIMATIC S5 controllers, PCs/IPCs and third-party systems. In addition, for the simple connection of HMI stations, FETCH and WRITE are offered.

Complete overview of Industrial Ethernet

The socket interface for Industrial Ethernet
allows data communication with computers via TCP/IP. On this interface which is widespread in the PC and UNIX world, users can freely program the data exchange. The SEND/RECEIVE blocks (S/R) are used as access to TCP/IP in SIMATIC S7.

OPC (Openness, Productivity & Collaboration)
is a standardized, open and cross-vendor software interface. It permits interfacing of OPC-capable Windows applications to S7-communication, open communication (SEND/RECEIVE) and PROFINET.

IT communication

Information technology (IT) with e-mail, File Transfer (FTP), and web technology
integrates SIMATIC, SIMOTION and SINUMERIK into IT via Industrial Ethernet. In the office environment, e-mail, FTP, and web browsers have prevailed as widespread means of communication.

PROFINET communication

This communication is compliant with the IEC 61158/61784 standard. PROFINET, the international standard, uses Industrial Ethernet and enables real-time communication right down to the field level.